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How is the simplest necklace made?


I had nothing to do with jewelry making until 8-10 years ago. One day when we were visiting my friend at the bazaar, he saw a shop selling jewelry, he said, dükk Let’s stop by this shop ük and we told the seller: em I want an earring from that bead Bir.

He took two small pliers, put the beads on a nail, curled the end, put the earring clip on, and in seconds he made the earring and gave it to us. I was very impressed, I was in a state of surprise, it was so easy, at least in the simple sense, jewelry making basit Okay, I could do it, get some stuff immediately and start it. I always have at home my enva-i kind of material.

Now I’m going to describe to you an easy necklace.

Necklaces are usually made to women and girls. And this is perhaps a simple one letter necklace that can be enjoyed by boys and young people.


  • Two pliers
  • Desired size and type of cord
  • 2 or 3 rings
  • Two closure materials
  • 1 clip
  • 1 pendant

First we take two pincers and open the ring.

Then we put the pendant and close the ring. We put this on the cord.



We close one of the closure material on one end of the cord as in the picture and then the other flap by clamping it with the help of pliers.


Then we do the same on the other end of the cord. Again with the help of two pliers, we connect the other two rings with the ends of the cord and the clip.
That’s it ım if you want, you can put the ring on just one end of the cord so I did, it’s up to you İşte

You do not need to make a necklace, this basic information is broken with some broken, you can repair your pendants clipped yourself.

Good luck with…

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