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Home Decoration Cost For New Married

The most curious point of the couples to be married ” how much is a house ? ” is happening. We went on the market for you and did a research.

First of all, there is no limit to the cost of home decoration , such as furniture sets sold as dowry pack, bedroom, dining room and living room can be as much as 3.500 Tl – 4.000 Tl, you can only get one bedroom 25.000 Tl. We’ll give you average numbers for average products.

1. Salon Decoration

  • Sofa Set 3.000 – 6.500 Tl
  • Dining Room 2.500- 6.500 Tl
  • Zigon Coffee Table 300 Tl
  • Medium Coffee Table 300 Tl
  • Carpet 500 Tl

Total: 6.600 Tl-14.100 Tl

2. Bedroom Decoration

  • Bedroom Set 3.500- 7.500 Tl
  • Carpet 400 Tl

Total: 3.900- 7.900 Tl

3. Living Room Decoration

  • Seating Group 1,500 – 3,500 Tl
  • Middle table 350 Tl
  • Carpet 400 Tl

Total: 2,250 – 4,250 TL

4. Kitchen Decoration

  • Kitchen table 1,000 Tl
  • Carpet 400 Tl

Total: 1,400 Tl

5. Curtain Average figure for 3 + 1 apartment 1,500 -3,000 Tl

6. Television quality product average figure 3,000 Tl

7. Kitchenware 3,000 -5,000 Tl

8. White goods   4,000 TL – 7,000 TL

9. Accessories 1,000 Tl

10. Electrical appliances 500 Tl – 1.500 Tl

Lowest Total: 27. 150 TL

Highest Total: 45.150

As you can see, to have an average home, a budget of at least 27,150 TL and a maximum of 45,100 Tl is required. But you can buy a much cheaper house cost as well as 5-6 times that figure. Although this list may seem essential, you can reduce or duplicate this list, as we noted. For example, a sound system is an unnecessary product for some people.

We advise you as Dekorcenneti.com, not to give anything unnecessary. Already during the wedding you’ll spend a lot of unnecessary and the most beautiful times of your marriage to avoid spending money in a shortage

  • Please take the product you really need.
  • take one of the better and take two. For example, to get both the freezer and refrigerator, take better quality of the refrigerator
  • research the market well; do not pay more for the same product
  • When buying white goods, prefer class A products. Do not be fooled by the low prices of the products, and take into account the one-year energy consumption when comparing prices. For example, someone is paying 500 TL but 13 TL a month, the other one is 1000 TL and 5 TL a month. Which one you think is affordable !!!!

We, as Dekorcenneti.com, wish to have a lifetime of happiness for the couples who will be married and we will always try to help them with their decoration ideas.

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