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Heart and fish necklace from felt


FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-1 team
Hello to everyone. Today I’m going to tell you how to make a cute necklace with a felt heart.
We’re preparing two of our fine felts of the same size.

Then we make a mini fish shape.

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-3 team
The heart-shaped mouth, the eye and the fin we cut.

Felt-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-4 team

We start to plant our fish and mouth on the heart.


FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-7 team
We’re stitching the eye and the fin.


Together with our other hearts we start to combine with the blanket stitch.

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-10 team
We put and put fibers in.

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-11 team

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-12 team
For our necklace we pull the chain.

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-13 team

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-14 team
Fish and heart necklace in our chain to complete and complete. That’s it, easy for those who want to do it.

FELT-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-15 team

Felt-hearted-necklace-construction-construction-hands-on-16 team

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