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Glass Jars Inspiring Ideas

For those looking for colorful and creative ideas for home decoration, we would like to talk about the beautiful and decorative articles that come up with simple glass jars. Simple glass jars with a little dexterity can be transformed into decorative objects, the bride, let’s examine together ..

Glass jars are often found in almost every home, often in the kitchen, which creates redundancies, housewives use glass jars for storage, but some mothers decided to make a difference at home with glass jars. You can make colorful and decorative accessories to your home with glass jar decoration techniques that you will inspire, and you can add color to your home decoration with glass jars that will make you work in many different ways. The dolls will be inspired by this, because many glass jars will be stored under their hands, thanks to the baby food in the glass jar that is constantly being taken.

Transform glass jars, add color to your home!

Evaluate for work table

Glass jars for households with children can make the work environment more organized and fun. For children to learn both to be fun and regular with the glass jars can separate children’s materials according to their colors and spend more enjoyable time with your child.

creative ideas with glass jars

creative ideas with glass jars

Photos in jars

You can think of yourself as a decorative and fun accessory that will make your home into pictures by placing pictures in jars. It can be both special and quite entertaining. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to evaluate glass jars.

photos store in glass jars

photos store in glass jars

Use glass jars as a vase

Here’s a creative idea to make glass jars that you don’t use into decorative vases and you can add color to the decoration by evaluating them in different areas of your home. You can color the areas like kitchen, balcony or living room by placing real or artificial flowers in glass jars. You can sign a more personal decoration with this small arrangement which is very simple to lubricate.

hanging vase with glass jars

Fun calendar making with jars

You can make fun calendars from the glass jars for your kids to learn and enjoy, and add color to the children’s room or the entree. All you have to do is just paint the jar lids in colored shapes and write the numbers on it with a erasable pen, so simple.

calendar making with color glass jars

Use as spice

The most rational way to use glass jars in the kitchen is to use it as a spice rack. If you wish, you can paint the glass jars in different colors, you can write the names of spices on their covers and you can have a useful tool in the kitchen.

spices in glass jars

Consider it as a party gift

You can decorate the body and cover of glass jars and give them a decorative air and you can evaluate these colorful jars for your children. You can also think of your loved ones as a very pleasant handmade gift.

Make a party gift from glass jars

Store hair bands

With glass jars, you can make small changes to the bedroom, such as decorative storage containers for buckles and hair bands. Particularly if you separate according to the colors will appear a better appearance.

Store hair bands with glass jars

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