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Geometric Terrarium Making

For a while, which has become one of the integral parts of decorating terrariums she had already entered my radar to be. Different forms, though my favorites are geometric ones. In fact, when it comes to the construction of terrariums, information is usually given about how to install. I will try to understand how to make an economical terrarium at home today.

First of all, I had some concerns about whether or not to try the project as a result of my research. Because I didn’t believe that I could project the elegance of the terrarium with plastic material. But since the result was better than I expected, I decided to share it immediately. My terrarium cost less than 5 TL. So when you want to make terrariums of different sizes and forms, you will have done it in the most economical way.

Now let’s go to the materials:

  • Acetate
  • Hot silicone
  • Pipette
  • Scissors, cevtel, marker

You can get the paperwork from stationery. I bought Art Kağıtçılık from İzmir Alsancak to 7 TL. This is a pretty big piece but I bought it for use in different projects as well. In the stationery, the a4 size acetate 50 was dry.

I draw and cut a triangle, which is 17 cm in height and 20 cm in height. I’m going to use four of these triangles in total. I cut a single corner of one of the triangles into the mouth of the terrarium.

The most difficult step is the silicone gluing step, but the quality of the material you use here stands out. With a well-adherent silicone, you can quickly pass this step. One of the triangles will have edges on the other parts of the base. In turn, I stick the pieces first to the base and then to each other. After you apply the silicone, you have to hold it by hand until the parts stick together. Apply silicone both inside and outside of the edges so that it is firm. Don’t put a bad image on your head, because we’re going to cover these edges completely.

Now it’s time to close the edges. Cut large pipettes in half and paint in copper color spray paint. I continue to use RayMax copper color as I am satisfied. Spray both sides of the pipettes with spray paint and let them dry. After it has completely dried, stick the pipettes to the edges and cut off excess parts. This process will both hide the image of silicon and mimic the metallic edge of the terrarium.

I’ve added the terrarium’s detailed construction to the channel last week, but this is the time. In the meantime, if you want to share the project proposals with me would be very happy 🙂

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