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Folding with paper       Origami: fold a fish

A sheet of paper, no scissors, no glue: The rules of Japanese folding art origami are very simple – and yet difficult to follow. After all, it’s time to turn a single leaf into a fish!

Origami Fisch


For the fish you need:

  • a square sheet of origami paper (15 x 15 centimeters)

How to fold the origami fish:

1: First halve the paper in the middle with a horizontal crease and open it again. Then you fold it from the top and from the bottom edge to the line created at the first kink and open the sheet again. Turn it 90 degrees and repeat the steps. Then bend the square diagonally from both sides in the middle – and open it again.



2: Now fold the sheet from the top and bottom to the middle.

3: Turn it 90 degrees and fold the top edge down by a kink.

Origami Anleitung


4: Raise this edge slightly and pull the inner left corner outwards. It is best to hold the paper in the middle with one finger. Repeat the step with the inner right corner and fold down the upper edge. Turn the paper 180 degrees and repeat the steps.

5: Bends down the lower right corner along the vertical center fold line.

Origami: Faltet einen Fisch


6: Open the top right corner and push it straight down to create a right angle.

7: Folds down the bottom left corner along the diagonal centerline. Turn over the paper once – the fish is done!

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