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Felted Glass Cup Coasters

Low material, “Mini Grocery” best suited to our theme coasters …


– Different color felts,
– An apple shaped template,
– Scissors,
– Yarn.

You can make 3 versions of the cup pads: Normal apple, a piece of bite apple, a piece of apple … You better decide which one to do before you cut all the felts. 🙂

STEP 1: 2 different colored pieces are required for each apple.

STEP 2: Place the inner and outer parts in the middle of each other and secure.
Using the ecru thread and sewing the inside with a small running string along the edge starting from the rear.

STEP 3: Make the seams very smooth and small as in the picture below. Place four seeds at the center and equal distance from each other.

Sew them with a small jog seam using the dark brown embroidery thread. Place the stem and leaf on top of the second outer piece as shown above.

Fasten the first outer part (the inside and the seeds planted on it) to the second outer part, wrap the body and leaf between the two. Make sure that the handle and leaf are secured in place.

To stitch the two outer edges together, use the matching colored thread and secure to the two outer edges so that the knot is stored. Sew all the perimeter. Connect a small knot to the back, and then hide the thread end between the layers.

Curl the outer edges so that they are flush with each other and cut off the excess.

Yes, you have an apple and now you have a great coastal mat!

For other coasters and source articles: https://www.purlsoho.com/create/2011/08/26/mollys-sketchbook-apple-coasters/ Click!

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