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Feed Your Child's Brain with Science!

It’s not enough to have a good head,
He must learn to use it well, man.

Do you complain about not being able to collect your attention?
Is your mood as variable and fragile as the heart of an adolescent?
Did you lose your thinking ability?
Are you learning difficulties?
Do you feel that your will power is weakening?
Do you make erroneous decisions?
Are you confused?
Are you also reading this article?
Isn’t your child’s situation much different than yours?

Do you know that most of them are responsible for an organ?

The brain is responsible for all this. Our brain occupies only 2% of our bodies, but dominates 98%. It’s like being a parent of a genius child. If you don’t manage this organ with or ideas from the top “, it starts to rule you!

Being a producer not a consumer of science and technology … Being able to get brain drain instead of giving brain drain … To be an example not to be infamous with our education system … To be able to read good news when we open newspapers …

For all of this, we should definitely use our brains better.

Efficient operating instructions

Using our brain right can change our lives as much as we never thought. It can bounce your child’s health and success graph. So what should we do?

His book, The Beginning in the Brain, is filled with many useful suggestions on how we can run our brains more efficiently. The proposals are supported by various researches.

While reading the suggestions below, you may also consider the following questions: Do I do these things? Does my child do this? How can we live the consequences of not doing it?

Healthy brain development begins in the womb.
For the normal development of the brain, the unborn baby needs adequate nutrition. Lack of nutrients does not only damage mental capacity; schizophrenia also increases the risk of depression and antisocial behavior. If the pregnant woman vomits not to gain weight, when she is dieting or fasting, a nutrient deficiency may occur in the womb. This will damage the baby’s brain development.

Is oxygen going into your child’s brain?
The human brain was 10% more working than standing up. It’s very important to walk when making important decisions. Steve Jobs always apply for job interviews with senior executives. Philosophers of antiquity told their lessons on foot.

Oxygen and movement are very important to keep your brain fit. Even if you do not ventilate your home enough, your brain may slow down!

Has your child learned anything new today?
Trying to learn a new foreign language, trying to acquire a new skill, starting to paint, taking photographs, trying to learn and using a few new words every day … Getting new skills like this usually benefits our brain.

There is research in the research that the rationalists reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Every day you can try to memorize new words in a foreign language. If you can’t, you can try memorizing your shopping list or phone numbers.

Different opinions strengthen the brain!
Being with people with different world views, reading different books, spending time with children, playing with animals, visiting new places enriches your view.

Changes in behavior are beneficial to the brain. If you always go home the same way, go a different way tomorrow. If you’re writing with your right hand, try writing with the left next time. If you’re always in the same seat of the house, sit in a different corner.

How do you surprise your baby’s brain?
The same is true for your baby. For example, if you hold the baby in your lap for a minute in the same direction, hold it in the opposite direction after one minute. So they will see different, new objects around. This will create new connections in your brain. In the same way, changing the ceiling ornaments where the baby sleeps often allows the tiny brain to create more thought patterns.

Is the Mozart effect correct?
Various studies show that playing a musical instrument changes the anatomy of the brain and helps the cells to think faster and more accurately.

Listening to music doesn’t have the same effect, but it’s still a benefit. In a study conducted in the 1990s, university students had a temporary increase in IQ scores after hearing Mozart. Even a book called ”Mozart Effect Hatta was written on it!

After Mozart Effect, it was refuted but listening to music is still good for the brain. No matter how much the music feeds the brain, no one has any objection to the spirit.

Next week I will continue my suggestions for the brain development of your child.


Dr. Spring
“Every Child is Gifted” and the author of “Open My Mother Brain” books

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