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Feed Your Child's Brain with Science! – Part 2

Last week, I shared my suggestions on how to operate our brains more efficiently. I want to continue with my suggestions this week.

While reading this article, as I suggested last week, I suggest you ask yourself these questions: Do I do these things? Does my child do this? How can we live the consequences of not doing it?

Brain friendly sudoku.
Sudoku can play games that help improve brain muscles such as puzzles, chess and go.

I know a guardian. They’d have a hyperactive diagnosis. He was advised to take medication. The parent refused. First he said he wanted to try chess because he was a chess teacher himself, and he had seen many times to increase the chess. Indeed, after the child began chess, his ability to focus increased. Turkey and won the championship in the world. The diagnosis of hyperactivity also disappeared. Worth to try.

Quality sleep gives birth to quality thoughts.
Good sleep is very important for a quality brain. Einstein’s been sleeping more than 10 hours a day! The very clever thing for sleeping too would be a groundless inference but if she did not sleep well she might not have such a sound brain, because insomnia kills brain cells.

Sleep also increases learning potential and mental performance. In a study of men and women aged 18-32 in Germany, participants were given a series of complex mathematical problems. The group who took the sleep was three times more successful than the sleepless group.

In short, spend more time with your pillow. You also get a regular relationship between you, because sleeping time is as important for your brain to work well.

When is the brain at the summit?
Scientists researching the brain, the best performance in the morning shows: Even exactly, 2-4 weeks after getting out of bed at the peak of the brain. So if your child gets up at 7:00 a.m. Is this important? Reading, writing, analysis, deep thinking, such as brain-intensive work if you bring the results of the results can be more efficient. During this time, the brain has taken his sleep, rested and energetic. So your child can focus more on what he does.

The authors have to feed your brain and your heart!
Reading books is running mind muscles. Early reading books; the success of children in school age, the increase of imagination; empathy, communication, listening, concentration, etc. Reading books with the child also helps improve communication and emotional ties between parents and children. Reading regular books means facing new words every time. Therefore reading early and frequent books plays a very important role in the development of verbal ability. Children growing in such families are still far ahead of children from different conditions, even when they are 2-3 years old.

The brain bond is predominantly based on meaning, if the heart ties are established through emotions. It is strengthened by the establishment of common meaning bonds, the production of common ideas, and the consumption of them.

Away from fast food, close to success!
Regular and proper nutrition is very important for the proper functioning of the brain. Especially fish, brain is one of the most common foods. It is beneficial to consume fatty fish once a week.

If you are unable to do so, it is important that you get at least supplemented with Omega 3 and Omega 6. In a study conducted in Sweden with 4000 young men, it was determined that eating fish twice a week increased the verbal and visual scores more than 10% in intelligence test.

In a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , the relationship between the IQ test results and the dietary habits of 4000 children was examined. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cereal foods and children who consume less processed foods, children who consumed more than the IQ scores of children consumed. The more we stay away from fast food and packaged food, the closer our brain is to success.

A lot of sugar eats a lot.
It draws a lot on both the scale and life! Excess sugar consumption has a negative impact on learning and memory in the long term. When a high amount of sugar is taken, our ability to think in the clear can be disrupted.

Do you keep the TV off?
In a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2010, 4,000 people looked at the level of general intelligence and how much they watched each day. Most TV viewers have the lowest scores. Iowa State University in a study of more than two hours watching TV students who are twice as high as the diagnosis of attention disorder.

The TV is also harmful to the child’s brain development. The child’s brain, which is passively waiting for television, is weak in establishing new cell connections. In addition, physical inactivity limits the balanced development of the child.

A child who spends his time constantly watching television, playing computers, sending messages from his phone; the brain of a child engaged in sports, listening to music, spending time with his family, participating in educational activities will develop in different ways. The quality of activities determines the direction in which the brain develops.

Do you enrich your child’s mental pleasures?
Charles Darwin said, kere If I had to live my life one more time, I would make it a rule to read poetry and listen to music at least once a week. Maybe so I could keep the parts of my brain weak at the moment. Belki

Like Darwin, you can read poetry. You can read beautiful aphorisms every day. You can look at a beautiful picture or photo. If you like a favorite music you can listen to your eyes closed. Your brain may be working better when you open your eyes!

Do you motivate your child’s brain?
An average of 70 thousand thought of the day was passing. Keep your mind at the center of your mind, not the ones you don’t want to see in your life. Positive things to think, positive results are multiplying. The human brain is beginning to expand from its focus.

There are many other suggestions about how to use our brains correctly. Alone, it’s not enough to read them. It also needs to be put into practice to help.

Hoping the brain will be circulated more in our country …

Dr. Spring
“Every Child is Gifted” and the author of “Open My Mother Brain” books

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