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Etamin Embroidered Pendant Models

etamin uzerine yapilan islemeli kolye ucu modelleri

Hello, I would like to share with you this time on the 15 pieces of Embellished Embroidered Pendant Model I will share. I hope you will like it.

All of these pendant necklaces are made entirely by processing on ethamine. For those who do not know how to process, I share the video below. There is no narration in the video, but the video is quite clear.

As far as I know, processing. Because they are small, you can do it in a pulley like in a video.

yapmaktan daha kolay yaparsanız eğer ne kadar kolay olduğunu siz kendinizde görebilirsiniz. If you make me easier to handle the other bead” charms> believe me how easy it is to process it.

Now there is another model in the video below, but processing is done in this way. If you want to make pictures from the models you like, just follow the colors and numbers of the ropes.

You can use the desired pendant tip metals according to your taste after preparing the processing on the ethamine.

Finally, the ropes used are the rope, you will definitely help.

For those who want to make it easy now.

etamin uzerine yapilan islemeli kolye ucu modelleri
embroidered pendant

Materials of these pendant models

  • Small size pulley (when you use it)
  • Etamine (perforated cloth)
  • Silicone (to paste)
  • Pendant chain and necklace chain

Click on images to see more clearly

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