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Etamin embroidered mirror cover


Etamin embroidered mirror cover. I made a cute pink vosvos. I want to get the first photo. I hope I don’t bullshit, but if I drive, I’m sorry. :) My name is Handan nam-ı hpany. Handicraft loves to go through my childhood. When I was in elementary school, I started knitting with crochet and skewers in my hand. While my peers were playing outside, I was on the balcony with a towel edge knitting. Do I regret, never :) I even exaggerated the job, I was knitting a hand cloth to everyone who came to the house. :) Childhood ver Very recently I decided to bring this love to life by opening the instagram account. And I’ve decided to do a lot of things about ethamine. It is also a pleasure to present these beauties that I have done. If you love to wear jewelry, especially if you are interested in manual labor, then let’s meet bride.

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