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Easy Necklace Making Template

sik kolye yapimi

Easy Necklace Making Template

Hi girls. I will share a nice and useful necklace template with you this time.

Jewelry is a model they know surely, but I like to do jewelry a new model that they want to do a new beginner.

Attention to those who want to make a necklace: You’ll notice that I share a picture of a small difference between the template for the people who do not realize what I write in the picture when they make the necklace beads 4 mm in the size of the beads, but the template (I drew) at the ends of the necklace used in the necklace made of tiny daisies.

In fact, the actual model of the necklace is as in the template. But whatever you like, do it from that model. My advice to you as you do in the template you prefer. You can even use the beads on the ends of the necklace larger than 4 mm. I would advise you to use pearl beads if you use large beads.

I’ve written my hopes. If you do not understand where you can write.

sik kolye yapimi
Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead in four different colors
  • 4 mm any beads
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • : ben 60 numara oya ipi kullanıyorum, Nylon rope, Note : I’m using the 60 number needlepoint rope,
  • Parrot Kilips


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