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Easter       Easter bunny from toilet paper roll

In this tutorial we show you how to turn a toilet paper roll into an Easter Bunny.

Osterhase aus einer Klopapierrolle

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An Easter bunny, made from a roll of toilet paper

You need these craft materials:

  • a toilet paper roll
  • a hard-boiled egg
  • Pencil and felt-tip pen
  • Scissors and glue
  • Acrylics

This is how the Easter bunny is made:

Osterhase aus Klopapierrolle basteln

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  1. Take the toilet paper roll and cut it as seen in the picture on the left. Then use the pencil to paint the long ears on the inside of the toilet paper roll.
  2. Test your egg in the role to test whether the ears are even behind the egg to see. If everything fits, you can paint buttons and collar on the roll and then cut out the rabbit ears.
  3. Then paint the ears with brown paint and paint the clothes of the Easter Bunny in your favorite colors.
  4. Then give the hard-boiled egg its rabbit’s face. For this you can take the black felt pen.

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The instructions for the cute Easter Bunny from the toilet paper roll comes from the ” colorful Naturbastelbuch “. For every season of the year you will find beautiful projects in this book, which you can tinker with nature crafting materials. Whether cones and leaves, stones, sticks or bark – everything can be used.

They are reminiscent of the last vacation, an autumn forest walk or a trip on the lake. From finds you may have collected during your last vacation or outing in the forest, you can make wonderful things or even build toys. Grab scissors and pencil, some glue and your finds. And then let’s go!

Das kunterbunte Naturbastelbuch

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