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Don't be busy, be productive

While children are growing up, they need parents who spend time with them. Parents who play games with them and answer questions are important for children. Children are happy to share their activities and work with their parents.

Children are Feeded with Love and Affection
Raising children, preparing him for life is a pleasant but devoted activity. If you want to educate your children in accordance with the conditions of today, you should be a follower of child development. The best times for a child are the fun and peaceful processes she has with her parents. Time zones that contribute to the physical and brain development of children and make them feel loved are important. They continue to learn while playing with their parents. You should be actively involved in this. You should direct your child to useful activities and make sure you have fun and learn with the activities that will be happy. In preschool development period, 3 age activities play an important role. You should make realistic and productive sharing with your children who are now starting to understand the events taking place around you. Inefficient times give you busy work. It’s not educational for your child. However, organizing and planning time well keeps parents away from unnecessary occupations.

Teach Your Children to Be Productive
Children spend quality time with their parents. If you devote the processes you are interested in your children to entertaining and educating them, you will kill two birds with one stone. Children learn without realizing when playing games. If you provide them with instructive and supportive activities, you will contribute to their experience. Life is a whole of experiences. Children are also small individuals who learn by experience. There are many activities that you can offer to your child for ages 3.

Children like to discover. They do discovery by touching, observing, asking. If you are with him during the discoveries, you have complete communication. The best gift you give to your child is the quality and loving times you spend with them. Thanks to the interest of their parents, children who grow up spiritually will be healthy adults.

Should Your Child Learn To Be Creative While Playing?
Your answer is “Yes.” If the Pakolino activity boxes will be the right choice. 3-7 years old pedagog approved pakolino activity boxes are fun boxes that improve children’s creative direction and support preschool development. They play an active role in the development of small and large motor muscles of children. They help them to make discoveries, help them to become researchers, and improve their speaking abilities.

Pakolino works with the membership system. It is a continuous system. First you become a member, then every month your home comes with free cargo, Pakolino activity boxes suitable for your child’s age. These boxes support children’s development and include different themes, production materials and application information for parents. In order to share a pleasant activity with your child, you can get the right boxes for 3 years activities.

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