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Do It Yourself: We Made Flower Bottles From Glass Bottles

Eeee summer temperatures are now our new address balconies and gardens. This summer I decided to speed up the projects” of your own> which we took a long break with. I hope this will continue. I was expecting to move into my new home for the flower project I wanted to try for a while. Shortly after moving the house, I put my materials in front of me and decided to make a flowerpot that looked very simple but simple as well as elegant. Different applications of flowering can be seen in Pinterest” .>

DIY flowerpots from glass bottles

The Coca Cola bottles I used for this flower shop were at the Migros stores last year. I liked the retro glass bottles of Coca Cola in the past. I didn’t think I’d make the flasks that I’ve stored in the last year, but fate here 🙂


I don’t think you have a chance to find the bottles, but I’m sure you’il find better than the antics. If you can’t find it, I’m sure you’ll get very nice results with bottles made of green glass. Now let’s count the ingredients for bottle flowering:

  • Green glass bottles
  • sea ​​shells
  • Hemp rope

As you can see, the list of materials is too short. I don’t even have to tell you how it’s done, but I’m going to get a quick summary. Just under the mouth of the bottles a few layers of my own wrap wrap.


Last winter I took the sea shells I collected from the coast of Olympos . We used a screwdriver which we bought very cheaply to break the sea shells. Thanks to the respectable Eser who has helped me to break through the nightmare! If you don’t have such a tool, you can find hole sea shells from the beads. If you can’t find it, then you can use wood beads instead of the sea shell.

How did we make flower pots from old glass bottles?

Colorful hemp ropes and even wool can be used to add color to the flower bed. Decide how many bottles you’ll use to look at the area where you’ll hang the flower bed. I used four bottles. I tied the ropes together and put the sea shell back on the end to hang the last bottle on the wall. That’s it…



You can also put flowers in bottles and put flowers in a single flower. I’ve used it since the red wort has dried. The dark pink flowers of the centrum of the green glass and the sea shells are very good. We have achieved a wonderful flower bed by using natural materials in simple steps. It’s up to you to make more creators. Happy Days…


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