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Do it yourself: Red Cup Challenge

We combined the STEM model, which we frequently talked about in our expert opinion, this time with a game. STEM model games, which consist of the initials of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, are games that excite children and teach them how to struggle with their difficulties.

STEM Forces Children to Think!
Remember, it’s very important to have a few friends together for this game. Maybe 8-10 people or more …

The first step is to ensure that children are divided into teams. Make completely random selections when creating these teams. Let each team take a set of red plastic glasses and create a pyramid-shaped tower. Then put a Lego character on the tower.

– 10 pcs red plastic cup,
– 2 pipettes per child,
– 1-2 meters of rope per child,
– 1 tire for each child,
– 1 lego figure per team.

1.Kural: Hands will not touch the glasses and figures!

Let the game begin!
Children need to work together to move the glasses. A complete team spirit!
Children can take glasses with their straws, while others can carefully put the glasses through the ropes that they will attach to their tires and the glasses in the string.

Lego figure shouldn’t be dropped when you do all this. The loser loses the game. 🙂

Change the rules!
After winning a team struggle; Ask them to show you how they won. Then remove a tool from the game or add an obstacle, rule, and restart the challenge.

Remember, if you have a difficult team in communication, ask everyone to be quiet and concentrate on the game.

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