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Do-It-Yourself Organizers: Home Organizer

I’ve found myself doing an organizer as a result of some compilations. Well, frankly, I’m a scattered character, so I’m constantly looking for ways to get more organized. Although I had not yet tamed my scattered side, I had dozens of regulatory ideas that allowed me to make a fresh start in my life. Today I share four self-made organizers that you can use in different areas, but you can see all of my home editing ideas from my cheats list on my youtube” channel> 😉

Origami Desktop Editor

I only have a secret admiration for paper work. Because the paper is both economical and easily accessible materials. So the paper organizer that will collect trinkets on the desk is a very practical idea. The version I make can be much more functional by simply expanding the dimensions to compile and collect small materials such as paper clips.

In the meantime, those who do not want to make me as colorful as black-and-white options can get more charismatic results. You can also make an organizer as long as you want by increasing the number of pieces.

String-art Organizer

  • Piece of wood
  • nails
  • colored threads

I’ve done a string” art project> before, but I thought it was a new idea to use it as a editor.

Punch random nails into a piece of wood you want.

Make sure you get the nails intact, because it needs to be solid.

Make your own unique organizer by passing the threads of your hand casually.

This gives the editor a very modern look when you add notes and photos with pincers and latches. You can apply this idea directly to the wall if you do not have problems with drilling the wall 🙂

Denim Wall Organizer

Here is a simple organizer that everyone can do. Since I’ve seen, I want to try the jeans for the organizer, the pulley is in the jeans pocket and cut off the excess. Now this mobile is your new editor. You are waiting for you to fill up with pens and junk. In order to develop this idea, it is absolutely necessary to make more than one. Let’s decorate and decorate your denim pocket with rosettes.

Jewelry Organizer

Minimalist ideas that know me are always my favorite. That’s why I made my felt from this series of jewelry organizers in this triangular form. I also like to use the felt which is a very cheap material in different projects.

Draw triangles with edges 20 cm on the felt.

Cut off the pointed ends and put them into a dumb form.

Stitch the edges together with a rope in contrasting colors.

It is a very practical idea to put rings and daily jewelery. Please share with me if you plan to use it for different purposes.

For more do-it-yourself project, I’ll wait for instagram to stay in closer contact with my Youtube channel;)

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