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Do-it-yourself Gold Painting Projects

Do you love the gold color? Why don’t you faint that he is the most expensive of all colors in the world! This will help you to add luxury to your home in many different colors DIY” created a list of projects for you.>

But keep in mind that in order for the gold to look beautiful, all the other decors that complete it must also have harmonious colors. The golden color is an excellent color but it cannot be said to be a color that fits all other colors. As long as there are neutral colors around, such as black or white, the golden color can show its brightness and glow.

Take a look at the list below to get started today.

# 1 – White and Gold Color Sphere

Paint your world sphere in white and gold to make it more colorful. For anyone who likes to travel, this is a really great home accessory.

# 2 -Gold Color Table Supplies

You can use the glass materials such as penholder to paint the outer parts of the glass with gold color and make it more elegant. You can use these accessories to store small items such as paper clips.

# 3- Pens and Gold Pens

You only need a few materials to have pens that have the shine of this great, golden color: glue, cork paper, gold spray paint, money tire and tape.

# 4 -Quartz Crystals

You can also paint your Quartz crystals in gold color to give a different and vivid air. Even if you only paint a small part of it, these crystals can be completely transformed into another accessory.

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