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Do-it-Yourself: Felt Flower Necklaces

– Different colors of felts,
– Pen,
– Scissors,
– Necklace chain,
– Pearl,
– Needle and thread,
– A pendant.

STEP 1: Draw and cut flower shapes from 2 different colors of felt. Cut the leaves from the felt in a different color.

STEP 2: Then match the seals on top of each other and center the pearl center with the hole. Start sewing by fixing them all together.

3. Sew the pendant at the back of the felt. Pass the chain of your necklace from the apparatus.

Your necklace is ready! 🙂 You can prepare necklaces as you like from color felts.

Source: https://www.momsandcrafters.com/diy-felt-flower-necklaces/

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