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Do it Yourself: Colored Pipette Rockets

How about designing your own rockets during the semester break and flying them with straws?

We recommend you to experience this wonderful activity that your child will discover about physics and space.

– Color and colorless pipettes,
– tape or glue,
– Crayons,
– Scissors,
– Click” to download free rocket template.>

Step 1: Your child can paint rocket templates in any color.

STEP 2: Cut the rocket templates that you paint with the help of scissors.

STEP 3: Put the pipettes on the back surface of the rockets at the rocket sizes with the help of tape.

STEP 4: Your color pipette rockets are ready. Now, it’s time to blow up the rockets!

Children will experience the rules of physics when they see the path that rockets can move through the pipettes and learn how the journey of the rocket has changed in different ways.

Source: https://buggyandbuddy.com/straw-rockets-with-free-rocket-template/

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