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Do It Yourself: Cactus Led Lamp

Today, I will share a decoration” trend with you again.> Recently, decorative led lamps come in different forms. Cacti, palm trees, hearts, stars, almost all of these lights entering the house we have actually done before. A couple of years ago, the typographic” box letter versions of> these lights were famous and we did all of them together. Now we’re going to make a cactus-shaped led lamp. The best part of this project is that the main material is cardboard. You can find your own lamp in any size thanks to a piece of cardboard you can easily find.


  • Cardboard
  • Green acrylic paint
  • ping-pong ball
  • led light

Because the shape of the cactus is a little amorphous, I didn’t need the template, but you can extract and use a simple template from the internet for a perfect shape. First, I drew the cactus on the corrugated cardboard and then I took the shape with the utility knife.

Then I made the edges of a thin and easy folding carton. Since the corrugated cardboard will remain very hard, you can use it from the cardboards sold in stationery stores. You can watch this phase in detail from the video.

By calculating the pinpon ball to the lights, I marked the places where the led lights would pass. After that, I dyed the entire cactus with green acrylic paint and let it dry. After installation, install the led lights. By the way, my led light was quite long since it remained the New Year’s Eve. In this project, a led light will be around 1 m. I had to stick the back parts with a duct tape. Take the cross cuts to the ping-pong balls. After you pass the balls through the lights, you’il have a wonderful lamp. Now I use good bye;)

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