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Do It Yourself: Astronaut Costume For Super Heroes

With the simplest ingredients, they’re superheroes, and it’s easy to explore space!
How Does? Come on, let’s do it together.

– 2 plastic bottles,
– Aluminium foil,
– Hard cardboard,
– Red and orange felts,
– Silver and gold colored paper pieces,
– Large elastic band,
– Red tape,
– Ruler,
– Black thread and needle,
– Scissors, glue and a pencil

STEP 1: First, cut a 25×20 piece of cardboard and cut the same size of silver paper. Paste them together.

STEP 2: Then cut the 4 corners to which the elastic band can pass.

STEP 3: Then, pass the elastic bands through these corners and stitch the rigid cardboard from the ends of the elastic band.

STEP 4: Cover the plastic bottles with aluminum foil and tape them together from the middle part with the red tape.

STEP 5: Create and cut the fires of rockets from orange and red seals, and then place them on the head of the plastic bottles.

STEP 6: Place a rectangular piece of paper on the back of the plastic bottle and paste it. Then attach the prepared bottle rocket to the cardboard you have strengthened with elastic bands. Make sure the fire sections are facing down when pasting.

Your astronaut costume is ready to explore space! Now it’s time to explore space …

Source: https://www.petit-fernand.co.uk/blog/diy-kids-jetpack/

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