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DIY Giant Kraft Pouches

I said, let’s try a new generation of decoration today. My radar had kraft bags that I wanted to make. I actually had a hard time naming them. But I think we can create a storage space at home to collect your stuff.


  • Kraft paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Hot silicone
  • Marker pen

The size of the kraft paper may vary depending on the size of the bag. In my previous Pinterest” room decoration> I have shared a small but very humorous version of it that can be made with a paper bag. This time I wanted to make giant versions of the toys that could even lift the blankets I didn’t use. So I’m going to use the paper as a sheet. Meanwhile, the kraft paper has very different thicknesses and tones. In order to be durable, you should prefer thicker ones.

As a first step, paint your kraft bag with the color you want. Although the popular ones are white, I like the version I did without painting.

I completely painted one face of my kraft paper on white. For this I had to use two coats of acrylic paint. The structure of the paper that I used after it was completely dry also became more textured, and I like it very much. All you have to do here is make a big paper bag. It’s a little hard to tell, so it’s a good idea to check out the video.

Now that we’ve made our paper bag, it’s now decorating it. Decorate with a marker pen as desired. Write messages, draw symbols. Recently, these bags are preferred in children’s rooms. Therefore, you can also write your child’s name.

Recyclable nature-friendly projects always make people feel better. Meanwhile, kraft pouches are both very cheap and simple enough for everyone to do. I think you can try it anytime, because you can use them wherever you want. One of me is already a pot. So you hide those cheap and cheesy plastic pots from which you bought them;)

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