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Design Recommendations for a Small Apartment

Designing small apartments is seen as a very difficult subject. Because it is necessary not to give up the elegance and use the space very efficiently. We share a design example with you in our gallery. Here is our gallery

1. We see a bird’s eye view of the apartment kitchen.


The kitchen of the apartment is also quite small but you can see how elegant the design is. In addition, excellent space capacity is also provided. The storage area along with the shelves used in the walls is quite enlarged.

2nd Circle Bath Bird View.

Price-cup-a-small-apartment-2 I-onerileri

The details of the apartment’s bathroom have created a very stylish design. The storage area is extended with the help of the cupboard placed on the washing machine. The choice of corners in the shower cubicle is not further narrowed down.

3. A Different Perspective of Circle Kitchen

a-small-apartment-Price-design-for-3 proposals

Let’s take a look at the apartment kitchen. The kitchen, which has a stylish and sweet design, has been designed without any reduction in the volume of furniture preferred. The windowsill has been converted into a rack. Space saving with angular furniture.

4. Stylish Hall of Apartment

Price-cup-a-small-apartment-onerileri I-4

Doesn’t the apartment look beautiful? One of the measures taken in the hall to ensure comfort while not to take up much space. Storage space is permanent while space saving is preferred with preferred furniture.

5. Another View of the Hall

Price-cup-a-small-apartment-onerileri I-5

Hall details have been completed with stylish TV unit preferred in the hall.

6. Salon View

a-small-apartment-Price-design-for-6 proposals

The desk is also equipped with a work desk, and the desk is located in a bright corner of the hall, providing a very nice working environment.

7. Apartment Kitchen Cabinets


The stylish kitchen cabinets of the apartment are also impressive. The details of the coloring on the walls have caught the elegance.

8. Space Savings by Door Choices

a-small-apartment-Price-design-for-8 proposals

For space-saving selection of doors, such as a circle in our image, space saving can be achieved in two interconnected rooms.

9. Bathroom View

Price-cup-a-small-apartment-onerileri I-9

The closets in the bathroom seem to be useful.

10th Apartment Plan


And we share the whole plan of the apartment with you in our last image.

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