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Decorative Basket Making – Decorative Basket Making from Cardboard

With baskets made of paper, it is possible to obtain a very decorative product. It can be used easily in almost all parts of the house with many different items that can be put inside. With this feature, many people wonder about the production of decorative basket made of cardboard . These products, which are very useful, can be placed in baskets in homes and offices. Decorative Basket Making from Cartons

What are the decorative basket materials and stages from carton?

In order to be able to produce decorative basket made of cardboard, firstly yellow and blue cardboard papers should be provided. Scissors, glue, ruler, pens, staples, such as tools and materials are required to make this product. It is possible to make an elegant decorative basket with these materials which should be used very carefully. With these baskets which can be used in many places, both hand work ability develops and a need is eliminated.

Decorative Basket Making from Cartons Decorative Basket Making from Cartons

First, one of the papers is drawn at 2 cm intervals. For this, it is necessary to use the ruler. This should be done at the top and bottom of the paper. These 2 cm spaced sections should be drawn from top to bottom with the help of a ruler and a pencil. The same procedure must be fulfilled for the other paper. Decorative Basket Making from Cartons

Then these papers should be cut in a column shape with the help of scissors. One cut of the yellow and blue paper that has been cut can be folded evenly. The folded paper must be drawn with a pencil to make it visible. Then these parts should be pasted with adhesive. All the pieces of paper should be placed side by side in the same way and the yellow and blue parts should be placed in a beautiful way.

For this purpose, the eaves of the paper must pass through each other. The incremental parts should be folded towards the middle piece of paper to be glued so that the ends become a single piece of paper. This process should be in 4 corners. 2 yellow and 2 blue cartons, which are then separated, are glued together one by one and a body is made to hold the basket. Staples are stapled in these parts.

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