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Decoration Advice for a Tiny Studio Apartment

Do you think a studio of 30 square meters can have enough space to live? If you think you can’t, we claim to prove otherwise. It is possible to fit the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom into a small apartment. The cube-shaped studio apartment can be laid both by creating a sense of integrity and by creating a warm atmosphere. How Does? If you want to learn, you should begin to examine our images as soon as possible.

1-Apartment Overview


The studio apartment has been carefully selected to extend the visual space. White color is preferred on walls and floors to create a more spacious space. The living room, kitchen and bedroom are almost intertwined.

2-Living Room


In the living room there is a large, non-high-rise armchair, a rectangular table, a small coffee table and a white television cabinet. Wall-mounted television and shelves have also been used to assess walls.

As we claimed at the beginning of our article, we hope that we have convinced you that a house of 30 square meters can have enough space to live.

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