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Daisy Model Earring Making Video

papatya modeli kupe yapimi

Daisy Model Earring Making Video

paylaşmıştım ama bazı arkadaşlar şablonla çalışamadığını video çekmemi istedikleri için zaman zaman sizlerle daha önceden paylaştığım tak%C4%B1″> videolarını çekmeye çalışacağım. You may remember that I’ve already shared this template with you, but I’m going to try to take videos of the jewelry” templates i> shared with you from time to time because some friends want me to take a video that they can’t work with the template” .>

Those who are accustomed to making jewelry or jewelry can work with jewelry templates and jewelry schemes, but beginners are having a bit of trouble working with templates and schemes. That’s why I’m shooting videos of previous templates and schemes that I share with you.

Stylish chamomile earrings model, especially in summer. Of course, those who want my opinion can always use. It can be done quite easily by anyone.

This model I used the rope, but if you want to stop hard, you can use the 20 rope. You can use it as a necklace by making another one like it in the same earring.

Actually, I usually share the little earrings with you because I like smaller earrings, but this time I said to get a little different görün Stop, you can’t be scared of the eyes, the earrings may look great in the picture but don’t be fooled by the picture.

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead, miyuki or delika bead
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • Nylon rope, or you can use 20 line fishing line
  • Earring clip

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