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Daisy Bracelet Making

Daisy Bracelet Making

Hello, my first model in my favorite model of jewelry 🙂 So the design of this model is entirely mine.

I think I’m learning to make jewelry now 🙂 Because I sat in the beads at the beginning of the day and I thought to myself that I would do something, rather than the paintings or diagrams I said to myself.

I hope you like it very much and you will leave me with your precious comments

ama ben modeli biraz değiştirip büyük boncukların yerine kçük boncuklarla papatya yapıp koydum A model I knew (I think so) and I did it in the period when I started to make jewelry, I did the ivy” model> , but I changed the model a little and replaced the big beads with chamomile.

As with some jewelry models, you can do a lot of things on this model like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, eyeglass ropes, but whatever you do, I’m sure it will look very stylish.

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand beads in different colors
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • : ben 60 numara oya ipi kullanıyorum Nylon Rope, Note : I’m using a 60 number needlepoint rope
  • Parrot Kilips

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