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Curved Icicles

If we went out in the Arctic Adventure, then; it is time to make the charming icicles.

If you’re ready, let’s start!

– Aluminium foil,
– Adhesive glue or uhu,
– sim in blue,
– Rope.

First you have to cut aluminum foils in the form of large triangles.
You should pass the rope to the end of the aluminum foil that you curl on the edge. You should fix the thread with the adhesive.

You can fold the glossy side of the aluminum foil onto the straight edge. Then you have to turn the rope part so that the pendant will remain inside.

If you want to reinforce the aluminum foil, you can do it twice as much.

You can compress the bottom of this roll a little bit. You can apply this process more gently to the upper parts. You can then apply a brush around the roll pendant with a brush.

The order came to the ornamentation process! 🙂 You can sprinkle the stickers of your choice in the color you want.

If everything is all right, our charming icicles are ready. The most charming giant stalactites of the poles will now decorate your home. 🙂

Source: http://kidscraftroom.com/sparkly-icicle-craft/

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