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Creative Recommendations for Economic Home Decoration

You think it’s too expensive to decorate the house? We have very economic suggestions for those who want to change your living environment or start a new life. There is no limit to what you can do with simple touches by spending a little money. Just ask.

Renewing the old ones

If you are looking for cheap decoration, the most basic thing you can do is renovate old items. You have two choices to do that. Either you will renovate the items in your home or you will visit the wearers and collect the pieces that you like. For example, we previously we share how” covered seats> we turned off brand new furniture by covering the seats we received 30 TL for shipment. A little bit of paint with a little imagination from the old materials can have great results. Also, some of the items you will find out of the old people will not be unique, do not forget.
The old-renewal

Uses for Different Purposes

You can create objects both dynamic and different by using objects outside their purpose. For example, use a beautiful stool as a pot, hanging lamps around an old wooden staircase and turning it into a lighting unit. Create vases from porcelain teapots and pots from small pots.


Using Bol Frame

One of the most beautiful decoration suggestions of the last period is to cover the walls with plenty of frame. The pictures and frames you choose to do so will depend entirely on your taste. You can put black and white pictures of your family in the old frames, or choose the color prints you choose in the frames you can buy very cheaply. Be free to do so and be inspired by examples. The rest is very easy Ger

Stop Teams

Dinner set, bedroom set, living room set takım These are now old. If you are going to decorate your home cheaply, you should know how to evaluate different parts. For example; a wooden dining table with different chairs. Create” a new air using the old and at same time> .
dinner set

Convert Simple Materials to Functional Items

There are thousands of DIY projects that you can search and find on the Internet. Some of these projects can be found” on pinterest page> . First, determine which items you need. Research as much about yourself” as can about this item. select simple projects if you are not experienced in these topics. for example when go to a picnic find branch piece jewelry stand or design storage units by fixing old boxes the wall. make lighting from jars magazines> .

do it yourselfDIY-03DIY-04

Cushion, Puff, Mattress Saves Life

The simplest accessories to decorate your home and the environment are cushions and pillows. As you can find thousands of alternatives to each style, it is also very easy to build at home. Removing the back cushions of the seat and filling it with different color pads creates a renewing effect at home. Floor cushions and pouffes are preferred because they can be easily replaced, coated and used in every room. If you say I do, but you want to see how to do it on the blog has already” been made> .

Shelves, Shelves Raf

Another life-saving detail in decoration. Shelves are needed in every room of the house and provide a beautiful view. In addition to collecting the scattered twirling around, it brings a warm atmosphere to the house. Buy ready-made shelves from construction markets such as IKEA, or make your own custom shelves from old cans. But use the shelf.

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