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Crafting       Party fun from cliché rolls

Klollen roles may not be missing at any festival. Seriously. Just a few simple steps, and you turn the cardboard into a perfect party accessory. Let’s start with the “role reversal”!

Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


Here is the packaging a present! Gifts and curls can be perfectly hidden in a Klorolle.

You need for a gift box:

  • 1 toilet paper roll, painted or pasted
  • some gift ribbon
Party-Spaß aus Klorollen

How to build the gift box:

1 .: Press the already painted or pasted roll together lengthwise slightly.

2 .: Fold the two edges of one end inwards so that they close one on top of the other.

3 .: Repeat the step at the other end of the roll.

4 .: Put your present in the pack, close it and wrap a gift ribbon around it.


Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


Ready is your gift box!

Toilet paper rolls speaker

Louder, louder, louder! Okay, right boxing might not replace a cliché. But she is a great amp for a smartphone!

All you need for your speakers is an old Klorolle and a skewer – try it!

Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


You need for the speaker:

  • 1 toilet paper roll, painted or pasted
  • 1 kebab skewer

How to fold the speaker:

Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


1st: Grab the smartphone, hold it in the middle of the roll and draw the outlines of the bottom with a pen on the cardboard.

2 .: Cuts a notch in the roll along the outline. Put the smartphone as a test in the recess to see if it fits. In case of doubt you have to enlarge the opening a bit.

3 .: Halves the kebab skewer. Pikst the two rods now as seen in the picture as a holder in the bottom of the role. And then: music on, mobile phone in – sing along and dance!


Zack, here is the manual for our rain machine – the confetti rain machine!

That’s what you need for the confetti machine:

  • 1 toilet paper roll, painted or pasted
  • 1 balloon
  • confetti
Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


This is how you make the confetti machine:

Party-Spaß aus Klorollen


1 .: Cuts off the narrow part (the “neck”) of the balloon.

2: Inverts the balloon over one end of the toilet paper roll.

3rd: Fill confetti in the roll. Pull the balloon down and then let it snap out of your fingers. It’s already raining confetti!

Our tip: To make the confetti fly nicely, do not put too much of it in the role.

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