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Crafting CD covers made of colorful cardboard

Do you still need a present ?: How about a self-made CD with a suitable packaging?

CD-Hüllen aus bunter Pappe


Craft materials:

  • Fotokarton
  • fabric tape
  • a small piece of sponge rubber (thickness: 3mm)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • to cover design: felt, glitter glue, newspaper clippings, photos …

First step:

From the photo carton you need a 13 x 26 cm large rectangle. It is best to measure it with a ruler and mark the edges with a pencil.

CD-Hüllen aus bunter Pappe




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Second step:

CD-Hüllen aus bunter Pappe


Cut out the rectangle and fold it in the middle of the long side so that both halves are exactly on top of each other. Over the kink, you can glue a strip of the fabric tape from the outside for reinforcement.

Third step:

So that the CD can not slip around, the CD case is provided with a holder made of sponge rubber. Place the CD on the sponge rubber and trace the hole in the middle of the CD with a pen. Cut the foam rubber circle so that the pencil mark is still visible on the circle. This will make the sponge circle a little bit bigger than the hole and will hold the CD later.

CD-Hüllen aus bunter Pappe


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Fourth step:

CD-Hüllen aus bunter Pappe


Now you stick the circle in your CD case. It is best to insert the CD into it once before and mark the place where the circle should sit. When the glue has dried, you can put the CD on the sponge cake.

Fifth step:

Last but not least, the cover is on. With felt, cardboard, newspaper clippings, photos or Glitzerklebe you can make your CD case to your heart’s content.

Have fun crafting!

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