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craft ideas       Vouchers made of paper

Whether a visit to the cinema on the weekend, a piano concert in the living room or “helping three times in the garden”: How to throw away coupons …

Gutscheine aus Papier


You need:

  • a small bottle
  • Liquid glue and scissors
  • a little sand
  • Streudeko

That’s how it’s done:

Take a small bottle, preferably made of colorless glass, and wash it thoroughly. Then dry them off and decorate them with the streudeko and liquid glue to your heart’s content. Then put some fine sand in the bottle and put the voucher in it.

Now just screw up the bottle and your bottle letter coupon is ready!

Gutscheine aus Papier


You need:

  • a walnut
  • a piece of paper
  • liquid adhesive
  • scissors
  • maybe a thread

That’s how you make the nut packaging:

  1. Write what you give away on a narrow strip of paper, roll it and put it between two empty halves of a walnut shell that you stick together.
  2. Let out a corner of the paper strip. The recipient can then crack the hard nut. By the way: That’s the way to make gallant gift tags!

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