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Çilek SL Yakut Young Room

Çilek Furniture grows as it grows with every kind of baby, children and young rooms. It is clear that everyone who owns the young room of Strawberry will sincerely remember the rooms where they left their memories and traces in the future. Strawberry ‘s young room, which is very talked about with its prominent new models, is also very popular. This model also takes place in strawberry nursery sets .

1. A Room Set Like Ruby

This team is designed with a raw ruby ​​color on white. You can choose pastel tones on your wall which can be decorated with large size wardrobe, mirrored laundry, stylish and cute library, work desk and working unit in line with the request.

2. Bed Spreading Bed Options

If you want to have a bed that you can rest with pleasure, you can have a bed with ruby ​​color titled with plinth and non-baseless options. 100×200 cm base bed of 100×200 cm base bed, 100x200cm (Large), 120x200cm (XL) 140x200cm (XXL) form. You can have a comfortable night’s sleep in large beds ranging from Large to XXL. You can provide space for your guests, preferably as a lower cot owner. The dimensions of the bottom cot are 90×180 cm. Those who want to feel like princesses can have a cibincy.

3. Good Feeling Room

The colors in pink and shades have a calming, heart-softening effect on the human. The Strawberry SL Yakut Young Room model, which you will feel emotionally cheerful with the effect of the ruby ​​color, will also create a tranquil working environment for you. You can feel the power of colors by stretching your feet to your ruby ​​color puff while you feel tired.

4. Multi-Eyed and Shelf

It proves to be a room that pleased those who like to be tidy, as you’ll understand from their bookshelves, shelves in the laundry and the large wardrobe. In particular, your jewelry and buckles will interfere with the mixing or disappearing. The bedside table that you will get to the bedside can also give you extra space. Your furniture will be finished with soft colored accessories.

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