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Christmas Tree Making

My work on the New Year is full throttle, but I can still add to the blog as a delay. I recently made myself a new Christmas tree and added it to the channel. I like to try a new idea every year because I’m obsessed with alternative Christmas trees. The first year I tried and shared the trees made of led lights. Last year when the Scandinavian winds took me over, I tried a very minimalist Christmas” decoration> and I realized that the Turkish people and minimalism do not stand side by side: D What do you think about this? If you write a comment I heard a little (did not hear)

This year I made a tree-shaped shelf-shaped tree experiment. Its construction takes a little time, so if you want a last-minute suggestion, I recommend that you make pineapple decorations from 9gag trends. If you have a beautiful cactus, you can decorate it. I have great memories from the University about the subject of pineapple decoration but I told them in the video 🙂 I do not tell you again.

Let’s shelf Christmas tree materials:

  • Wooden spatulas called Abeslang (2 packs)
  • Horizontal shaped trash skewer (half of 1 pack)
  • Slow-drying uhu style adhesive

I guess the wood stick job was also addictive. I’ve already done a shelf test with these. You can watch hexagonal” shelves> from blog and channel. Later, I decorated” a mirror> with three kissing” skewers> while decorating the walls. This time I came to make my own tree.

The first thing we’re going to do is set the bars on a flat surface, giving them the shape of the tree. After lining up the bars, I replaced the wooden sticks with litter skewers, but I cut them off without using them, of course. I only cut the spikes of the trash skewers I used under the nose with a crow nose.

In the meantime, abeslang rods are broken because it is wide, so I do not recommend cutting them. The main reason why I prefer an adhesive like that in the project is to dry late. In this way, you can easily shape the bars with your hands. Silicone is very fast and does not give you any time. Also a transparent adhesive prevents the appearance of defects.

Once you have shaped the first row and made sure of its appearance, continue to paste the bars in order. This process should continue until you are satisfied with the depth of the shelf. I finished the rack after 11 rows. The polishing stage is a bit optional, but I didn’t need it when all the bars I used were self-polished.

Finally, I put a star on the top of the bars to make the shelf look like a tree. I cut off the spikes of the trash skewers and cut them to 3. I gave the sticks a star shape and glued them together. Again at this stage I can make comfortable shaping while the adhesive dries. I stuck it on the shelf.

We’ve come to the best. I wrapped the rack first with lights. Finally, in the previous video, I placed the ornaments on the shelf. So this year’s Christmas tree was ready. In the meantime, Instagram’da”>paylaş We built the Christmas Tree Self-Created Club lar tree with me to share with me, I share with everyone. There are so many beautiful things, you come too.

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