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Cheesecloth and beaded jewelery


Charms designed using a variety of different materials. None of them are the same, but most are designed to be personal. Stone beads and old gauzes made of real yarn (no longer produced or produced very little) were used.
Necessary materials:
Thick chain
Variety of nails
Sand Beads
Various Decoration Materials

cheesecloth-and-bead necklace-of-construction-1

cheesecloth-and-bead necklace-of-construction-2

cheesecloth-and-bead necklace-of-construction-3

cheesecloth-and-bead-necklace-of-4 construction
The thick chain will be 19-21 ring, cut if necessary. The 40-inch square-piece piece is cut into two triangular pieces. A piece of triangle is finely curled. The ends are finely sutured. (To be tied at the back of the neck) This thin roll is then passed through the chain, and the chain is attached to the kerchief.



Later cut stone, Afghan stuff etc. Decorate as you like. The necklace is used by connecting from the back.



cheesecloth-and-bead-necklace-of-5 construction

cheesecloth-and-bead-necklace-of-6 construction
For the necklace that is in the 3rd place below, the tiny silk pieces are tied to the chain and embellished.

cheesecloth-and-bead necklace-of-construction-7
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