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Cross-stitch butterfly necklace model

– _pembemasal_ – June 21, 2017 Pattern with cross-stitch butterfly. Cross-stitch is a very demanding and demanding business. It’s really hard to do a cross job, even if it’s a tiny object. But when you see the result you have no happiness çarp Especially if your work is put on …

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Black etamin necklace with rococo flowers

– Etaminbutiktakilar – July 10, 2017 My rococo flowering black etamin necklace model is completely handmade. I worked with the rococo technique of brazil embroidery on black etamin fabric using this necklace model. Rococo technique is a kind of brazilian embroidery which is used in flower making. Especially if we …

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Brazil embroidery embroidered necklace

– Morçiçek – September 27, 2017 Brazil embroidery embroidered necklace is silver plated, antique colors are also available. We process our models first in the pulley and then fix it to the apparatus. I usually prefer Brazilian embroidery with a rococo pattern. The desired model can be studied and the …

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Miyuki Beads Brick Technique Charms

Hi, you want to make such beautiful stars? So I share the construction of the stars we can use in the necklace, the key chain, the ornaments. I used a fishing line. Let’s get 10 beads first. Geçirdiğmiz …

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Ebru pattern jewelry

– ebrulu_designs – September 6, 2017 Hello, marbling art is one of our traditional Turkish handcrafts that most of us know or hear. The construction of this art, which is quite difficult and complicated, is quite varied. Mostly paper is being studied. You see the image of these original ebru …

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Cross-stitch necklaces

– ba-hem design – June 09, 2017 Necklace with cross stitch embroidery. These necklace models come to those who can’t get enough of the cross-stitch. I processed various motifs with cross-stitch technique on etamin fabric. When you say flower bouquets, hearts, zigzag shapes, it turns out that the pendants you’ve …

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