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Mother's milk, baby hair necklace

– atolye_narcicegi – October 15, 2017 Necklaces made with breast milk and baby hair began to attract a lot of attention. I also design necklaces with these materials. But I’d like to say hello first. Hello ladies, after a long working life, I stopped working because of my health condition. …

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Macrame Rope Bead Bracelet Making

Macrame Rope Bead Bracelet Making For those who are interested in making macrame rhinestone jewelry, this bracelet model for beginners might inspire you, though. In fact, the bead-weighted jewelry I actually make the macro ipindende jewelry is quite nice. daha çok genç bayanlara hitap ettiğini düşünüyorum. In this model, I …

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Sand Beads New Model Bracelet Making

Sand Beads New Model Bracelet Making This model is quite easy to do, perhaps because they know the designers of jewelry, but it is easy for you to make jewelry for beginners model is looking for this model is for you. My followers must know that I usually use the …

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How-To Crochet Necklace

How-To Crochet Necklace Like other jewelery techniques, beautiful jewelry can be made on the crochet. There are even those who only make crochet jewelry. I made such a necklace to be an example to you both for me and for you both as an example to you. mak isteyenlerin umarım …

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Black Sand Beads Necklace Making

Black Sand Beads Necklace Making Hello ladies, This time I made a necklace with a tiny sand bead in my hands unstable. Perhaps you can evaluate the shape of sand beads that are unstable in your hand. Black Sand Bead Necklace Making I have written in my hand because it …

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Ivy Model Bracelet Making

Ivy Model Bracelet Making Hello ladies, This time I will show you the most popular model of jewelry designers. As you mentioned above, I would definitely recommend to the beginner to make jewelry models the most popular model of the ivy model. This model is indispensable both pretty stylish and …

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How to Make a Bead Eye Glasses Rope

How to Make a Bead Eye Glasses Rope I have written how to make the rope from bead, because the little black beads I used in the picture are very small and they are passed as bit beads. If you want to make glasses rope from this model, I recommend …

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Beads Long Necklace Making

Beads Long Necklace Making Hello ladies, I’ll show you how to make long necklace from beads at this time, I hope you like it and benefit you. I agree the picture of the necklace is not beautiful but the necklace was very nice. If you do, you can see for …

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