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Pattern Patterns

Seasonal summer, hot weather, so what to do? You just have to make a fan … Materials: – Paper plates, – Acrylic paint or tempera paint, – Wooden spatula, – Glue gun, – Scissors or utility knife. Divide your paper plates with a knife. You can paint the paper plates …

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Don't Exaggerate Your Children

Avoid Exaggerated Praise Children want to be appreciated by their parents. The child who shows his painting work to his parents is motivated as well as happy to hear the lyrics. Here, your duty is to exaggerate him while encouraging him and not to leave the realities. It would be …

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Cute Mermaids

We’re in the sea again, very cute sea creatures. Materials: – Toilet roll carton, – Glue, – Scissors, – Watercolor, – Felt-tip pens, – Colored cardboard papers, – Simler. STEP 1: With the help of watercolor, paint the carton of toilet paper roll to the colors you like. STEP 2: …

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Accented Acorns

Do you want to get both the silvery and the most colorful acorn necklaces? Come on, let’s make our first acorn necklace together. Materials: – Acorns and upper shells, – Transparent colored simler, – Tiny metal rings, – Pendant lock, – Long colored ropes, – Hot glue gun, – Glue, …

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Money Concept for Children

The concept of money is not a concept that is often taught to very young children. As parents, I’m sure you have more priority issues you want to teach your child. But the issue of money is also one of the issues that will take an important place in the …

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Rainbow Test with Sugary Water

Water science is great! You can do creative learning activities together with the experiments you can do with the density of sugar water. Materials: – 6 cups or small jars, – Water, – Candy, – Food coloring, – Dropper and / or syringe, – Test tube. STEP 1: Fill 6 …

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Sailboat in the jar

You all remember the famous ‘ship in the glass bottle’ concept once. Maybe one of them is still decorating a corner of your house. Now we give you the same clear taste and offer an activity that you can do with your child. Both just using cork, rope, paper and …

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Bottle Cap Frames

How about storing your beautiful moments in bottle caps? We loved this miniature idea too. It’s as easy and affordable as you can do with your child. Materials: – Bottle caps -Photos -Scissors -Adhesive – White paint and brush -Mıknatıs on First of all, we paint the inside of the …

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What is your style as a parent?

I was the best mother in the world: Until I have my own children! Anonymous Parental paternity difficult craft. You are looking at the book in your hand, to a child in your home: Not, the child in the house does not fit the book! However, as parents, you are …

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