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Spring Flower Cup Coaster

At home first; fresh but dried spring flowering, do you think about making the coaster? Both your family will be opened to all the guests and all guests will visit you, the spring will feel at home. Materials: – 4 inch glass tile tiles, – Dried flowers, – 1/4 copper …

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Dried Flower Printed Bookends

Welcome spring, welcome to the wonderful spring colors … I know we dried up a lot of flowers this month. What should we do with the flowers we have dried? Mmm … Let’s think, we found; do you like to make bookends with dried flowers? Materials: – Dried flowers, – …

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Handmade Mother's Day Gift: Photo Cube

Mothers love the photos of their children and the fact that these photos are always on their side. With his tiny size and his favorite photos, we will always make a great photo cube to be with our mother. Materials – 4 inch one cube, – photo transfer glue, – …

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All About Our Heart

What do you know about our heart? E.g; Our heart rhythm strikes more than 100,000 times in the day, our heart rhythm can change according to the music we listen to, the heart of every human being is in the size of its fist, the right ear of the heart …

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Flag Made of Felt

Days before April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day; Come on! Materials – Color felts, – Yarn, – Scissors, – Silicone gun or glue, – Felt-tip pen. You can make your own flag before the holiday with some felt, yarn and scissors. You will have a great time with your …

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Happy Children Holding Hands

Another activity that was presented to the children of the world by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, is another special suggestion: Happy Children Holding Hands! Materials: – Color carton, – Scissors, – Multicolored felt pens. How about creating wonders with less and more material? If …

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Moving Skeleton Hand

Moving … Skeleton … Hand … Sounds a little interesting, doesn’t it? Do you wonder how our joints work, how our movements are formed? In that case; Come on, let’s make skeleton hand moving together. Materials: – Pipettes with or without pattern, – Scissors, – Adhesive, – Rope, – Pencil …

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Handmade Stethoscope

Would you like to hear the heartbeats of your loved ones a little closer? If yes, let’s do our own stethoscope by ourselves! Materials: – Color felts, – Hair bands, – Scissors, – Adhesive, – Ribbons, First cut the hearts of different colors. In the same way, if you are …

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How does the bath tub remove mold?

Mildew is one of the most common problems in the bathroom and kitchens, although this situation is annoying although there is a very effective natural cleansing method for mold stains. Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are very suitable for mold formation, because the areas are humid, exposed to water …

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