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Another doll: Tilda

In the past days we took the Purple Workshop for a video shoot. We have been the guests of a Tilda Bebek Workshop which is attended by both curious and hard-cooking women. Everyone had learned a lot, had a lot of fun and finally had the Tilda as a ball …

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Photographed Cross Stitch Making

Kanavi%C3%A7e” has become one of the most popular hobbies recent years by gaining old popularity among ladies. thanks to internet everyone is trying share his cross-stitch examples with help contribution keep this traditional ornament art alive. we try as much can within your projects. asl birbiri ile alakas g iki …

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Trees in your home

Trees that represent wisdom, eternity and strength, Looks at them, makes you feel good, gives confidence. If you are looking at a tree when you open your window, you are lucky. But if you don’t have a tree to look at, or if you want to see a tree inside …

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Fireplace Decorations

If you want to decorate your fireplace in your home or make a new fireplace, this topic is for you. If you want to create a warm environment while decorating your home, you can place a fireplace in the focal point. Moreover, many companies now make it easy to own …

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Flower Bouquet Making from Plastic Spoons

Homemade ornaments DIY” enthusiasts is one that produces the most jobs. aras yer almas bu g i fazla ortaya etkili. both materials can be supplied very cheaply and it>easy to make projects amongst them. Today we are going to make a wonderful handmade ornament like plastic bouquets. In this way, …

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Kendin Yap Modern Yatak Başlıkları

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most important room of the house because we are tired of the day and can renew ourselves. Considering that the ambience of the ambience has a direct impact on your quality of life, bedroom decoration is becoming more important. The” world of>self-decoration” also offers a …

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Decorative Mirror Making from Plastic Spoon

The handmade mirror is one of the most stylish home” accessories> you can get by yourself” . easy and to make handmade mirror frames for each other with beautiful diy projects are available. we also wanted share you a project that is very well known the construction of decorative mirrors.>handmade …

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A Colorful Radiator for Children's Rooms

The Belgian radiator company has signed different designs for the rooms of the children. Although a simple construction element may be seen, sometimes radiators that cannot be hidden can be exhausted, especially in children’s rooms. Jaga designed lighter radiators for both children’s safety and colorful options. Environmentally friendly radiators are …

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