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Butterfly Furniture Liana Living Room Models

Living room models of Butterfly Furniture began to show themselves again. Especially in these months we will enter in 2016 Kelebek Furniture seems to have mentioned again. Especially with the different design and trend ideas that it has recently made, it offers beautiful designs for newlyweds or to renew their homes.

We have seen that they have been trying to appeal to every sector with the campaigns they have done recently. Butterfly furniture and furniture decorating ideas are really working on.

Now, we are going to write an article about the living room models of Kelebek Furniture.

Let’s start with the Butterfly Furniture Liana model.

Kelebek Furniture - Liana 2 Kelebek Furniture – Liana 2 [/ caption]

As you can see, in the Butterfly Furniture Liana model, more brown and wood colors are emphasized and a more avant-garde air is tried to be blown. As they can be seen from the sample pictures, they exhibited their color without forgetting the viability. In fact, a different design can be created with additional accessories that can be taken in this way.

Butterfly Furniture Liana Butterfly Furniture Liana

Kelebek Mobilya Berjer design is also used in its contrasting but most harmonious colors, white and brown-blue. This way we know how to get our hearts. It seems not to be difficult to understand the fact that they are targeting young people in particular.

The middle table in the middle area is really stylish and handy. If you want to have these beautiful furniture, you can reach the nearest butterfly furniture store or www.kelebekmobilya.com.tr website and get different and beautiful furniture and sofa designs.

If you have something to ask us, please do not hesitate to comment below or you can share your experiences with Kelebek Furniture.

Kelebek Furniture - Liana 2
Butterfly Furniture Liana

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