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Brazil embroidery jewelry set


Great greetings to jewelry lovers with Brazil embroidery jewelry set Brezilya
I want you to be lively, blue and pink set – I’m sure the owner can not get enough to use. Because I enjoyed the work very much.
I got into this. I’ve made gifts for myself and my brothers – I can’t get enough of doing it, I’ve turned it into a work I do with pleasure. And now I sell my hobby. I hope through God’s permission I will be successful
The construction phase takes a little longer than usual because it is my little fries. Believe me, I pretend to make every piece for myself. I do it from the start when it doesn’t. That’s why they’re all precious.
Again, new prices at the most affordable prices you can have completely hand-made jewelry, if you want to gift your loved ones. Brazil embroidery embroidered necklace, ring and wristband models, we also do the model you want. You can reach us from the links in our profile.

Stay with love and happy ..

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