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Bracelet Glasses Lanyard and Necklace Making

bileklik gozluk ipi ve kolye yapimi

Hi, Today, I’ll share with you a video of a very charmed jewelry model. What I mean by Hamarat is that a lot can be done from a model. I hope you like it and it’il help.

As I mentioned in the title of the article, the designer who shares the video with us, although the wristband bracelet, you can do this model whether wristband, eyeglass rope, you can make a fine necklace. Because it is quite easy to make, anyone who wants to make jewelry can do it easily.

As in the picture below, you don’t like thin bracelets and thick wristbands, and if you want to make a different bracelet, you can make the bracelet longer and not stretch your wrist 3 or 4 times. I’m sure if you do it long, your bracelet will look pretty stylish. gibi olacaktır. Medicine will be like this” l bracelet> .

If you want to make glasses rope 90 cm in length will be enough to do. Since this length is average, it will be sufficient for every user. In the meantime, this model will look pretty stylish on the rope. If you intend to make eyeglass rope beads, I highly recommend you to consider this model.

If you want to make a necklace, you will be a fine and polite necklace model that you can use daily. The model is completely up to you to do what you can because it is a lot can do.

Let it be easy for those who want to do Yap

bileklik gozluk ipi ve kolye yapimi

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • T-clip or parrot clip (for bracelet). Use his clip
  • Nylon rope Miyuki can use the rope
  • Sand Bead Needle (Two)

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