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Black Sand Beads Necklace Making

Black Sand Beads Necklace Making

Hello ladies, This time I made a necklace with a tiny sand bead in my hands unstable. Perhaps you can evaluate the shape of sand beads that are unstable in your hand.

Black Sand Bead Necklace Making I have written in my hand because it is a black bead, but of course you can make different bead colors. You can make this necklace from using beads in a multi-color, not even a color bead.

I made a white pearl bead pudding on the end of the necklace and you can do it in a single earring. bakabilirler Those who don’t know about earring” making can> look at our earring” videos here>

You can make your earrings and necklaces and make a very nice and gentle set of beads.
Materials of this model

  • tiny size sand bead
  • 10 mm pearl beads
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • Nylon rope, you can use Miyuk rope.
  • Parrot clip

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