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Beads Long Necklace Making


Beads Long Necklace Making

Hello ladies, I’ll show you how to make long necklace from beads at this time, I hope you like it and benefit you. I agree the picture of the necklace is not beautiful but the necklace was very nice. If you do, you can see for yourself how nice it is. The reason why the picture doesn’t look good is because I’m shooting my videos and pictures with my mobile phone (for now) and I’ll try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

If you want to make a long and gentle and easy necklace from beads, I would definitely recommend you to do this necklace.

I’ve done the necklace long enough to twist the throat twice as long as you want. den hoşlananlar olduğu için böyle kibar ve uzun kolye yapmak isteyipte model bulamayanlar için yaptım. The reason I’ve done so long is because I like the necklaces” of the normal size which> we know, because I like to make such a gentle and long necklace. Actually, I like this kind of necklace more Aslında

de yapabilirsiniz. This necklace moody, wristband or eyeglass” rope> can do. If you want, you can make earrings with pendants and bracelets of the same color, and the earrings on the end side, so you can make a beautiful jewelry set for yourself or someone else, or for sale.

Ladies! Especially the new friends who started to make jewelry is my most important advice to you whether I share jewelry models with you, whether you see the jewelry models in different places to model what you see, do not restrict yourself, then you will make something more beautiful jewelry will make your time.

For those who want to make it easy now

This model supplies

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • Nylon rope, Miyuki can use the rope

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