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Beads from crystal beads


Hello, 10. In today’s article, we will try to explain the crystal glass beads and the rosary. Handmade rosaries are very popular in organizations such as weddings, henna and mevlid. It is also a nice gift that you can give to your loved ones on other special occasions.

For the construction of the Rosary, we must first specify the necessary materials;

1- Crystal glass beads: Generally sold in strings of 70 pieces. We need at least 2 string beads. We prefer 8 mm beads which are most commonly used in rosary.

2- Rosary rope: Steel wire rope or polyester rope can be used. We will prefer steel wire rope because it is more robust.

3- Bracket or washer: We need at least 2 pieces to use between 33 beads. Various bracket models are available. We’re going to use a crystal stone washer.

4- Metal triangle: We will need 1 metal triangle to join the two ends of the rope.

5- Metal Closure: We will need 1 piece of metal to knot the knot on the end of the beads and hide this knot.

6 Imame: Various imame models are available. We’ll use caftan imame and tassel into it.

7- Polyester tassel: We will use 1 polyester tassel for a stylish appearance with the imame.

8- Rosary nail: We will use the caftan to put a bead on both ends of the imam.

Let’s start building;

First of all, we will take the rosary rope and put 33 crystal beads on the rope. Then we will put our 1 rope on the rope. Then we pass 33 beads, 1 washer and 33 more beads and we will connect the end of the rope 2 through the metal triangle and make a knot.

We’ll cover this node with metal closure. Ring available at the end of metal closure. In this ring, we attach the imam of caftan and we finish our recognition.

Gift to your beloved ones or your guests if you want to use them. You can also put a beautiful gift package by putting them in the rosary boxes sold on the market.

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