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Beaded Necklace Making Picture

boncuktan gerdanlik yapimi resim anlatimli

Hello jewelry lovers, This time I will share with you the Beadwork Necklace Making Picture Expression .

If you are looking for jewelry lovers or those who want to make jewelry, I think you will like this chic necklace as much as I do.

I am sharing the necklace with the template not as video. Don’t worry about how to make jewelry in jewelry videos. In my previous writings, I wrote this only to follow the arrows on the templates you need to pay attention to.

Once you have a look at the jewelry templates and learn how to make jewelry, you can look at almost any jewelry template and then decode the jewelry models.

Like some” necklace models> , this necklace model is quite stylish. The colors of the beads used in the picture below are very well matched. If you think about doing it, be sure to match the colors of the beads you will use. Then the necklace you make will be so much better.

boncuktan gerdanlik yapimi resim anlatimli

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • 4 mm crystal or sand beads
  • Suitable for nylon rope
  • Necklace clip (you can use parrot clip)
gerdanlik yapimi resimli tarifi
necklace picture recipe

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