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Bead Necklace Template


Bead Necklace Template

Hello ladies, I’ll share with you a necklace made with wire work this time.

This is the technique of wire making the end of the pendant, but the fact that I have no knowledge of the right to work on the wire. Well then you can share the reason why you can share I can not think of wire work jewelry, or those who want to do that work I share.

I don’t know much about wire work, but I can imagine it’s easy to build. Therefore, the new fiveers can easily do wire work.

In fact, I do not know that this model can be done with other jewelry techniques like we do. In later times, I might try to do it.

yle farklı boncuklarla deneyebilirsiniz. You can always try different beads with different” jewelry techniques that> do not limit what you see in the jewelry models you see. Thus, you add something to your jewelry.

For those who want to make it easy now

Materials of this model

  • Jewelry Wire
  • 4 mm pearl beads
  • 8 mm pearl beads


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