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ATTENTION!!! Invoice Shock!

Hello Decor Paradise readers;

In fact, although our site is a decoration site without sharing this news with you, I can not pass without warning.

Yesterday we were shocked by the high-cost electricity bill that was sent to our mobile phone as a message. Normally, our bill of 40 Tl was about 790 TL this month and it was impossible. We’re a family of two and we can’t use that figure.

Immediately we contacted Tedaş and told us that there might be a mistake, and that we should file an appeal. So we checked the electricity meter and found that we used the same amount of electricity as the other months, and this was definitely a problem of wrong reading.

In my research on this invoice error incident, I saw thousands of people ‘s electricity bills wrong every month. If you feel a surplus in your electricity bill, check your electricity meter immediately. If there is an error, send your appeal to the relevant place within 5 working days of the receipt of the invoice. You don’t pay for someone else’s mistake.

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